NEXT: Anamnesis

NEXT: Anamnesis will showcase the work of two talented, emerging artists, Katelin Mae Thomas and Kathleen Matkovic. Thomas is a sculptor who creates objects out of vintage books. Utilizing a two-dimensional art form that is quickly becoming obsolete, Thomas breathes new life into the pages of the past through her three-dimensional sculptures that are both romantic and contemporary. Matkovic is a photographer who creates nostalgic landscapes that harken the past. These dreamlike scenes document hazy memories, leaving the viewer to question whether or not they exist in the present or in a dream.

Henry Brimmer, professor in the Department of Advertising + Public Relations at MSU, is facilitating the second in a series of events called ‘NEXT’. These events at MICA Gallery intend to showcase and attract a younger constituency to the area, with the help of many dedicated creative folks. We would like to turn Old Town upside down … make it New Town!

Artist: Katelin Thomas
“NEXT: Anamnesis”
July 2014