April: Enjoy Festival Art!

MICA’s long history as a festival producer and arts organization has manifested in a series of festival posters that reflect quality fine artwork.

Join us April 5-28, 2013 for a show of this artwork, featuring artists such as Brian Bishop, Melissa Calanchi, Louise A. Church, Dario Corsi, Andy Doerr, Barbara Hranilovich, Ken Keirns, Steven Kovar, Kirby Milton, Barbara Morris, Joe Oberlin, Dennis Preston, Theresa Rosado, David Sherer, C. Song, Bruce Thayer, Terry Terry, Tim Whalen, Chuck Wilhelm and Qinge Wu.

Our First Sunday Gallery Walk reception will take place April 7, 12-4 pm.

March Forward with Nudes

Join us March 1-24, 2013 for a show guaranteed to get your March rolling!

“Nudes” brings representations of the human body (both representative and abstract) to MICA Gallery, courtesy of the Mid-Michigan Art Guild. Enjoy works by Nancy Kronenberg, Lee Kronenberg, Bobbi Kilty, Vicci Knowlton, Andrea Jeris, Juanita Baldwin, Arlene Bragg, Jackie Borszich, Jon Kroneman, Elizabeth Miller, Joy Schroeder, Elizabeth Nixon, Katherine Erickson, Maureen Ryan, Darlene Matthews, Mina Greco Hall, Judi Bogart, and Penny Collins.

Join us for the First Sunday artists’ reception on Sunday, March 3, 2013 from noon to 4 pm!

Dancing with My Sister Sisters

Download the “Nudes” poster here.