KIELWAHL, May 3 – 25

JeffersonKielwagenImageKIELWAHL springs out of a two-year collaboration between Dylan Wahl (USA) and Jefferson Kielwagen (Brazil). Their art work employs mixed media, and is best described as conceptual. They are mainly interested in psychoanalysis, philosophy and language. The works displayed here speak about a number of things: the creation of value, a passive-aggressive poetics, fetishization, repetition and excess, among other, more subtle topics, to be discovered by the attentive viewer. Some of the artists’ main influences are Roman Signer (Switzerland), Michael Craig-Martin (UK) and Marina Abramović (Serbia).

Exhibition Dates: May 3-25, 2014
Opening Reception: May 4, 12-4pm

Learn more about Jefferson’s work here: