June-July 2012: Boundaries

A body of work by Kaye Krapohl is on display June 1-July 30, 2012 at MICA Gallery! Join us Sunday, June 3, 12-4 pm for the opening reception—or come view “Boundaries” anytime in June or July.

Download the show poster.

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“All the fingerprint paintings are done without a grid.”
Chuck Close

This Body of Work:

This show is intended to provoke individual opinions about the consequences of the pervasive creation of boundaries in today’s world. Not just governmental and economic boundaries, but also the boundaries we choose for ourselves, such as where we live and how we use technology. The institutionalized creation of a disconnect from each other and from ourselves. People might look at this work and see the content as figurative art, abstract, or sexual. I can’t control how people view it; that is my boundary. What are yours?
Kaye Krapohl

More on Boundaries:

The combination of juxtaposing body prints with elements of modern grid/technology is meant to be raw and sometimes beautiful, but it is intended to provoke individual opinions. People might look at this work and see the content as figurative art, abstract, or sexual.

This work is a response to the consequences of boundaries that exist in today’s world: Not just governmental and economic boundaries, but also the boundaries we choose for ourselves—such as where we live and how we use technology—iPhones, Facebook, and computers. Making life easier for ourselves through the use of technology actually creates a boundary from ourselves and our resourcefulness. We have cars that now “park for us.” We don’t have to ask anyone for directions; a voice on a GPS unit has replaced that person. We can “friend” and “unfriend” people in one click. Roads have become boundaries that dictate where we can and cannot cross to the other side, or the “other side of the tracks.” Towns are cut into sections based on economic status with less and less priority given to interpersonal accessibility. UPC and QR codes allow us to scan our own purchases and eliminate any need for human interaction with cashiers. This automation has contributed to a loss of jobs, widening the fissure between the “haves” and “have nots.” We are grouped into categories of consumers rather than individuals. Our private information is harvested, then bought and sold without our knowledge or consent. Ironically, this work is reproduced digitally, providing yet another layer of disconnect from the visceral textures of the paint and paper.

Arts Council Creative Mixer

June 5th, 5-7 pm

Who do you know, what do you love, how do you work, where does your vision lead you?  Come together with other creative and inspired individuals from our community to share, learn, and have some fun at the 3rd annual Creative Mixer!  Bring along some of your work, your imagination, your curiosity, and your enthusiasm for the local arts scene!

Join the Arts Council team, local artists, arts and culture organization members, creative entrepreneurs, and those passionate about the arts on June 5th at MICA Gallery!  The Mixer promises to be a magical time for meeting people, talking about ideas, and enjoying snacks and beverages among peers.

The Creative Mixer is free, informal, and will take place at 1210 Turner St. from 5 to 7 p.m.

Please help spread the word and invite a friend or two to join you at the event!

For more information about the Creative Mixer or the Arts Council, call 517-372-4636.  Please RSVP to katie@lansingarts.org.

This year’s Creative Mixer is generously sponsored by Aflac. Learn more about the new benefit available to Arts Council of Greater Lansing members to get group rates on Aflac products!  An information table will be at the event with take-home materials.

Footage of Broad Art Museum Reception

The leadership of the Broad Art Museum was kind enough to join us on May 3 for a welcoming reception. Our sponsor MessageMakers collected and edited together some highlights of the event for those who could not be present. Enjoy!

A brief overview of the event as a whole:

Poetry reading by Sam Mills, “poet laureate of Old Town Lansing”

Remarks by Terry Terry, President of Michigan Institute for Contemporary Art:

Remarks by Michael Rush, Founding Director of the Broad Art Museum:

Remarks by Min Jung Kim, Deputy Director of the Broad Art Museum: