The Yellow Stickee Diary of a Mad Secretary – July & August 2013 Show

It’s time for some excerpts from “The Yellow Stickee Diary of a Mad Secretary” by artist / writer / musician Rosa Maria Arenas, aka Rosa Rama. The 41 diary excerpts on display represent a tiny percentage of the more than 2000 original drawings that constitute the Yellow Stickee Diary Project.  Done as daily, “one minute meditations” while working temp office jobs from 1994 to 2005 in St. Louis, Missouri, the Yellow Stickee Diary is a revelation of thoughts/feelings/happenings “captured in the wild” by the “discipline” of keeping a “micro-graphic” diary with strict/eccentric rules. You will see “up close and personal” the formerly obscured: whimsical notions, one-line dream poems, “attitude,” sly socioeconomic commentary, fantastical yearnings, outrage, unexpected beauty and elegance, reportage on absurd events and conversations, sarcastic wisdom, reprocessed and/or altered cliches and expressions, potent little rants, unwarranted joy, “out there” musings, and the sometimes inappropriate desires that constitute the inner life of an office worker who happens to be an artist.  And you, the viewer, will project your own meaning onto the drawings, of course.  (And the artist has accepted this “event in space/time” that she has no control over. So, it’s cool. Whatevs.)

Note: Although there are some originally sized framed prints, the bulk of the exhibit is composed of scanned and enlarged reproductions of the original Yellow Stickee Diary excerpts, printed on archival paper using archival inks.  The print run for all of the work is 200 except for 3 hand altered/mutated variations (of the drawing dated 3-30-00), which are one of a kind.  [The modifications were done on July 5 and 6, 2013 — in Lansing, MI — using all or some of the following office supplies: permanent markers, highlighters, correction pen and round color coding labels of various coordinating colors.


YSD - 10-6-04 - red pink hair, turqouise eyes YSD - Seeing is conceiving

Media attention for Rosa Maria Arenas and the MICA Gallery show, “The Yellow Stickee Diary of a Mad Secretary”:

Interview on LCC Community Radio program, “So Much More!” with co-hosts Chad Badgero and Melissa Kaplan. Broadcast July 2, 2013, 7 p.m. on WLNZ 89.7 FM. The 35 minute interview includes MICA Gallery exhibit and artist’s reception info, a discussion on creativity and a reading of Rosa’s poem, “Snapshots” from “She Said Yes” (Fallen Angel Press, Highland Park, MI, 1981). Also aired during the program were two tracks of original music by Arenas, in collaboration with musicians Jon Armstrong and Mike Clement (recorded in St. Louis, MO in 2001and 2002).


YSD - 10-7-04 - red dots, starry eyed YSD - 5-22-96

“TAKE NOTE: MICA Gallery gets creative with office stationary” by Kali Jo Wolkow. Published in City Pulse, July 3, 2013 issue, the feature article takes up 3/4 of the front page of the Arts & Culture section with 3 stickee reproductions and a small photo of Arenas. (MICA Gallery facebook page linked to this article on July 3.)

YSD - 5-17-04 YSD - 3-30-00 (variation done on this one)

“Stickee artist to read – maybe sing – at show” by Laurie Hollinger. Published in the Lansing State Journal, July 4. 2013, this “Things to Do – Best Bets” arts column features a stickee reproduction and devotes the headline and 4 out of 8 paragraphs to the MICA Gallery show.


YSD - Lost track of time AND space YSD - 9-17-04


  1. check out the CityPulse article:

  2. intriguing, amusing, and magnetic – i’ve got to
    see them all! great work.

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